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Imagine the ease of explaining a complicated or lengthy process to a potential client with a beautifully-crafted presentation that's viewable on everything from your iPhone or iPad to a full-size movie theater projection system. For manufacturers, architecture firms, landscape architects, builders, materials suppliers, engineers, interior designers or any professional firm working in construction, aviation, safety, transportation, structural design/usability and space-flow design, we can help you document the actual usability of your products, structures and spaces in a beautifully produced video. 

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Latest from the blog:

  • 2021 update - we're now FAA licensed to do commercial drone photos & video

    2021 has finally arrived (not a moment too soon), and with it comes some exciting new opportunities.

    In November, I earned my private pilot certificate, and, in December, I also earned my commercial drone pilot license. I’ve already ordered a high-end drone - it’s scheduled to be delivered to me this week. It’s compact enough to fit in a carryon for commercial airline travel, too.

  • How to keep in touch with clients when in-person networking isn't an option

    With all this COVID-19 related economic turmoil and social distancing, there’s not a lot going on for many of us self-employed types. As an architectural, construction, and commercial/industrial photographer, my work is done on location, so there’s not an opportunity for me to work remotely. I mean, the distancing is definitely for the best, as it's apparently starting to slow the spread of the virus at least a bit, but the economic costs are very, very high.

  • Marketing in the time of, well, you know

    With every crisis comes opportunity. That may sound a bit trite, but hear me out.