We have expanded our video capabilities by adding a broadcast camera and motorized slider gear!

Shooting video with DSLRs is definitely hot, and the lens options combined with the general affordability and flexibility of the platforms makes them very attractive and versatile tools for producing high-quality output.

To augment that capability, we've added a Canon XF300 broadcast-quality HD video camera to the toolbox, which gives our clients the best of both options. The dedicated video camera has many desireable audio and video features, including three CMOS sensors, 50MB/second data rate, image stabilization, a dedicated zoom lens of astounding range (29.3 - 527.4mm, 35mm equivalent) built-in neutral-density filters, and great on-board audio. It also has an enormous battery capacity, offering enough battery life to fill two 64GB cards (320 minutes at 50mbps) before needing to be swapped out.

The camera is relatively compact, too, as evidenced by it's use inside a small plane over the Cascade Mountains in the upper-right image in the collage.

In the collage below, the camera is shown on a rented seven-foot motorized slider rig, which offers amazing versatility and plenty of creative options. A HDDSLR is shown on the slider in the lower-left image for comparison. We also have a three-foot motorized slider at our disposal for added versatility.

Give us a call if you'd like to add this camera's capabilities to your next shoot.