How to keep in touch with clients when in-person networking isn't an option

How to keep in touch with clients when in-person networking isn't an optionAnyway, what to do when I can't get access to locations and can't do any work? Marketing. Lots of it. Working to build business leads, and hopefully to book gigs for the time when the quarantines are lifted and we're all able to get back to work.

With all this COVID-19 related economic turmoil and social distancing, there’s not a lot going on for many of us self-employed types. As an architectural, construction, and commercial/industrial photographer, my work is done on location, so there’s not an opportunity for me to work remotely. I mean, the social distancing is definitely for the best, but the economic costs are proving to be very high.

There are plenty of ways to remotely contact folks: email and messaging apps, but that works better for folks you already have a relationship with; it’s sometimes tricky when contacting prospects, as email can be ignored or sent to spam, especially when its done in the form of an automated campaign.

One reliable method I'm using is sending written notes to people at their work addresses, along with a little bit of swag that they can find whenever they’re able to check their physical mail at work (or have their work mail forwarded home).

Stickers are fun for this - they’re easy to mail, fun to get, and fun to make.

I’ve been using Sticker Mule for this purpose for quite a few years now (FYI, this link includes a discount for you, and a referral bonus for me if you spend at least ten bucks).

Their decals are top notch - very professional looking, super durable, and well made. It’s always a kick to go to a client’s office and see one of your stickers on someone’s window, filing cabinet, equipment case, etc. Good marketing, and long-lasting. They’re quite affordable, too, and I really like that I can order them in relatively small quantities so I can order as many or as few as  I need for a given campaign. As an early test, I put on of the 4" clear stickers on the outside of my daily-use coffee mug. After about 4 years, it's still looking like new. Seriously good stuff. And their ordering and proofing system is pretty foolproof. I'm a photographer, not a designer, but I've had no problems figuring out how to make something that I'm excited about when I open the box from the printer.

Samples of Sticker Mule products I've ordered

Above is a sampling of the products I've ordered from Sticker Mule over the past few years - clear background 4", white background 3", irridescent background 3", and coasters for use when I'm sponsoring a networking event.


Popping one or more of those stickers into an envelope along with a handwritten note is a fun little gift that doesn't cost much to send. And who doesn't like getting a fun little something in the mail? It's a solid way to help people remember you and your services.


Disclaimer: I received compensation for writing this post; my opinions remain my own. Basically, I'd say this stuff regardless.

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