Come fly with me in Los Angeles!

A client needed good aerial photographs of several major freeway-improvement projects in the metro Los Angeles area, and I was delighted to help. With the expert assistance of the good folks at Group3 Aviation in Van Nuys, we completed the project over the course of one sunny autumn afternoon. Group3 co-owner Peter Lawry was my pilot, and he worked with me in advance of the shoot to plan out the optimal route, and then flew so smoothly I probably could have done the job without using a stabilized lens. He's a great guy, too.


Fittingly, the most convenient hotel to the Van Nuys airport was the aviation-themed Airtel Plaza Hotel, which proved to be the perfect place to stay for this project, especially as the hotel features a 20-foot model Pan Am 747 suspended from the rafters in the lobby. The staff was great, the room was spacious and clean, and the restaurant was pretty good, too. If you're so inclined, there's an awesome taco truck nearby called Carniceria Reyes — it's just around the corner from the hotel on Sherman Way.



Our flight path took us right through downtown L.A., which was great fun — I really enjoy spending time in, and over, that town. I'll share more photos soon!