1. Shoot(s) are scheduled / contract is signed / deposit received
  2. Once deposit is received, client is free to contact the photographer for assistance with planning, etc.
  3. Planning begins: scouting, access arrangements are made, props, stylists interviewed and hired, assistant(s) are scheduled, models sourced and hired, etc.
  4. The photographer will contact the client in the days before the shoot date(s) to confirm
  5. The shoot will take place on the scheduled day(s)
  6. Within one business day of the shoot's completion, an online gallery of proofs will be available to the client, who will receive access information via e-mail
  7. Client is free to solicit the photographer's input in making their final image selections (additional post-production/retouching work is not included and is billable). The client submits a list of the desired image numbers to the photographer via e-mail. The list is not considered to have been received by the photographer until the client receives an e-mail or phone call acknowledging that he has received the list. Acceptance is assumed at this point.
  8. If requested, the client's final images are corrected for exposure, color and dust spots; requested cropping will be done on a duplicate image such that the client will also receive the un-cropped original. Normal turnaround from receipt of client's selections to uploading to the server or mailing of the CD is seven (7) business days. Faster delivery will incur a rush fee based on the number of images requested and the requested turnaround. There is a rush fee. All express delivery costs are to be pre-paid by the client.
  9. Archiving: The photographer archives the client's images using currently-accepted archiving standards and takes all reasonable precautions to preserve the integrity of those images. The photographer is not responsible for the inability to retrieve or access the images for any reason and accepts no liability for providing this archiving service. Archived images can be accessed by the client for the standard post-production fee plus the cost of media and shipping.


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