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Francis Zera is an award-winning architectural and commercial photographer, based in Seattle, USA. He’s been through business school, journalism school, art school, graduate school (M.A. Ed.), the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, and is currently enrolled in flight school.
He travels light, loves flying in aircraft that don't have doors, can think on his feet, has a valid passport, and plays well with art directors and producers. He's a Phase One Certified Professional, one of only 39 Phase One Certified Technicians worldwide, and taught architectural photography at the Art Institute of Seattle.

Equipment and tools of the trade:

For stills, we offer the use of an Alpa 12-Max medium-format digital technical camera with Schneider and Rodensrock lenses coupled with a Phase One P45+ back, along with a Mamiya 645DF+ camera and Mamiya/Schneider lenses. We also have several Canon camera bodies, perspective-control lenses, and an extensive kit of Profoto lighting. We use Capture One for tethering and preliminary editing, and the Adobe CC suite for pretty much everything else. For the video side of things, we have access to RED cinema cameras, the aforementioned Canon DSLRs, and plenty of grip and professional audio gear, including a motorized camera dolly. An Apple-based editing suite with your choice of Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro rounds it all out. Then there's the collection of vintage film & video cameras. It’s not so much the tools as how you use them, but if you ever want to geek out over gear, give me a call.

Image courtesy of Alisa Steck / Rocketroom

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